24 APR 2010

Blatchcombe 24th April

A full day out campaigning in Blatchcombe to listen to local and national concerns.

Many residents spoke in detail about the difficulties they face now that they are retired and living on a fixed income. Time and again I hear peoples frustrations at having worked and saved all their lives only to find themselves ineligible for pensions credits and the value of their private pensions eroded by Labour's pensions raid. They are deeply resentful that the message of the last decade has been ‘don't save', most feel that they would have been better off spending all their savings and claiming benefits.


We must restore faith in the pensions system and make saving worthwhile.

A long distance driver expressed his disbelief that whilst he has to pay high motorway tolls abroad and high road tax and petrol prices at home he finds it difficult to compete with EU drivers when they are able to come to the UK and not have to contribute to road tax.

‘The Country should be run like a well run business', he commented. I agree, and really do feel that that is at the heart of Conservative philosophy.

We cannot carry on spending more than we earn, somewhere, someone has to foot the bill. That can either be through higher taxes under Labour or by having a smaller State and more encouragement for businesses to thrive and provide jobs with the Conservatives.

I want to see a smaller State and a bigger Society with people encouraged to get involved in their communities and take responsibility for their own actions.


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