17 APR 2010

Brixham Hustings

Congratulations to Brixham Community Partnership for organising an excellent final hustings of the campaign.

Questions were raised about the Kingskerswell bypass, which is vital to Brixham's regeneration and the wider local economy. The Liberal Democrats will drastically cut road building, which will not be in the best interests of Torbay.

Another important question was about what the panel would do to tackle the declining job market in Brixham, especially for school leavers and boys in particular?

Nationally 1 in 5 young people cannot find a job, and this figure is even worse for young men in Brixham.

In my view we need to look at reducing the barriers to taking on employees. Time and again, small business leaders tell me that they would like to take on more staff but cannot do so due to uncertainty about the future and the overwhelming burden of employment legislation, red tape, health and safety regulations and now the possibility of a rise in the employers contribution for NICs if Labour stays in government.

Conservatives will stop Labour's jobs tax and fund 200,000 extra apprenticeships, 100,000 extra college places and 100,000 work pairings to help unemployed people to get work experience.

Conservatives will give a £2000 bonus to encourage employers to take on apprentices.

At a more local level, we need to encourage young people to become fishermen by supporting the fishing industry and allowing work experience in the industry to flourish.


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