04 MAY 2010

Canvassing in Brixham, Galmpton and Churston

On the penultimate day of the campaign it was a pleasure to return to Brixham to hear local views. I have a clear idea of people's priorities and concerns after eight months on the campaign trail. In Brixham those priorities include Europe, employment, the NHS, the economy, immigration, antisocial behaviour and education. If you would like to check any of our commitments on these issues please follow this link.

The NHS was the driving force behind my decision to try to become your MP.

I did not apply for this job because I wanted to leave my old one; being a rural GP and part time teacher has been a great privilege. I applied because I honestly believe that we need more doctors and nurses to bring common sense to health debates and to try to put a clinician's perspective to policy making. There has been little evidence up until now that the needs of communities outside London and major cities have been taken into account.

So what is my prescription for the NHS?

  • Protection for Community hospitals which are so vital to Brixham and the South Hams.
  • An end to pointless targets where these distort priorities for patient care.
  • A reduction in paperwork to allow nurses and doctors to spend more time with their patients.
  • Reducing the number of managers to protect front line staff.
  • Improved locally accessible health care.
  • Greater control over alcohol licensing and an end to ultra cheap supermarket alcohol promotions which are ruining lives and fueling antisocial behaviour.
  • Protection for the NHS budget.
  • A fairer deal for mental health and cancer services.
  • For medical records to be controlled by patients as well as their doctors.
  • To end the waste in the NHS computer system.



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