28 APR 2010

Dartmouth 28th April

Today I was discussing trust in politics with BBC radio Devon and the shadow that the MP's expenses and lobbying scandals have cast over this election. For the majority of people, these matters are incomprehensible and unforgiven.

But the problem runs deeper than individual MPs out of touch with the real world.Many people feel that our current politicians have no relevance to their own lives. They sense that unelected quangos and Europe have more of a say than our own Parliament.

I want to see greater power for local communities and and responsibility repatriated from Europe. I believe we need politicians with real life experience and integrity and support the Conservatives' view that dishonest politicians should be sacked.

Who wants a federal Europe or to join the European Single Currency? No one that I have met. To anyone who feels that political parties are all the same, I would say look at our policies on Europe and beware the slide to federalism under Labour and the Lib Dems.

Look at the situation in Greece, where national debt is out of control and being in the Euro restricts the ability to respond. It could happen here and only a Conservative Government has the determination to prevent it.

Canvassing today with Tom King, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and for Defence was a great pleasure. We visited Dartmouth Caring to hear about their work from Dee Nutt and met many businesses in town.

Recently retired serviceman, Paul Conway spoke of the difficulties facing ex-servicemen in finding affordable housing. We must restore the military covenant and, as a forces child myself, I am pleased to see the pledges taken by the Conservative Party to guarantee a fairer deal for our service personnel. These include a doubling of the operational allowance, improved mental health services to help those returning from operational duty and dedicated wards for injured servicemen.


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