21 APR 2010

David Cameron's Visit

On this day David Cameron paid a flying visit to the West Country, where he spoke in Torbay about his plans to clean up British Politics and to restore faith in our democracy.


In essence he set out seven steps for changing our political system and giving back more control to people:


1. Change the way candidates are chosen

2. Sack your MP if he or she is caught misbehaving

3. Make ministers more accountable

4. End the quango state

5. Make sure a government can be decisively sacked

6. Cut the cost of politics

7. Never pass power to Brussels without asking the people

Editor's notes. On item (1) above David again congratulated Sarah on her success in the first ever UK open primary as an example of how candidates should be selected in the future. In the photo above, Sarah stands with Marcus Wood immediately behind David Cameron.


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