23 APR 2010

Full day's campaigning in Marldon

This was a full day's campaigning in Marldon, canvassing local opinions and enjoying the sunshine and a friendly welcome.

Two families raised concerns about special needs education and the years of difficulties they had faced trying to negotiate their way through the assessment system.

I have been very aware from my own professional experience that the process seems highly bureaucratic and cumbersome. It is hard enough to cope with the pressures of being a carer without having to cope with the paperwork and a system that feels designed to eliminate those parents who cannot shout the loudest.

Making life easier for disabled children and their families will be a priority for a future Conservative Government and we have positive policies which will aim to make a real difference to the lives of families with disabled children. These include:

  • increasing the number of health visitors
  • simplifying the assessment process for accessing services
  • making it easier for parents to access respite care
  • looking carefully at ensuring that Local Authorities accurately assess children's elegibility for Special Educational Needs Statements - and
  • putting more power and control into the hands of parents and young disabled people themselves, so that they can ensure that they receive the right care and support to best suit their needs.


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