17 APR 2010

Kingsbridge Farmers Market

Kingsbridge Farmers' Market was a great way to sample local produce and enjoy meeting people along the way.

We need to support farmers and encourage sustainability. One farmer today explained how farmers' markets help to level out the peaks and troughs for farmers. Lamb prices are currently at a high level, which means that lamb is selling well for export due to the exchange rate. However prices and foreign sales could fall at any time, so maintaining a local market is vital for farmers.

If you have not visited the market, take a look on the first and third Saturday morning of the month and/or visit the Devon Farmers' Markets website.

I also spoke to Sally Hurst, inspirational local businesswoman who set up The Old Bag Company from her kitchen five years ago. This thriving business now employs five people and sells in 400 outlets as well as exporting to Sweden, France, Austria, Belgium and Germany, all in the EU.

I asked Sally whether she felt that withdrawal from the EU would help or hinder her business, and she felt that it would be harmful to exports. We must do everything possible to boost exports to help our economy and help companies like Sally's to thrive.


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