I live in South Devon with my husband Adrian – our children have now left home.

I was a front line GP for 18 years but also spent time as a police forensic examiner for Devon and Cornwall Police – helping victims of sexual violence. I taught junior doctors and medical students as well as examining for the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Having never attended a political meeting before, I was spurred into politics after hearing David Cameron's invitation to those with non-political backgrounds to bring their practical experience to Westminster. I was selected as the Conservative candidate in Totnes in the first ever fully open postal primary – which allowed every voter in the constituency to choose the candidate– and I was elected as MP in 2010.

In Parliament, I am able to bring a love of South Devon to the green benches and make representations on behalf of our area on a broad range of local issues. Last year I was delighted to be named backbencher of the year.

I am able to use my 24 years in the NHS in my role as a Chair of the Health Select Committee. This is a cross-party committee which holds the Government and health bodies to account and makes recommendations on health and social care. It is always an opportunity to reflect the local issues too.

Away from politics, I like to find time for running and would love to do more gardening and painting. Most weekends I am out on the tandem, somewhere between the Moor and the Sea.

Thank you for your support.