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12 SEP 2017

EU Withdrawal Bill

Thank you for taking the time to email me about the EU Withdrawal Bill.

An EU withdrawal bill is necessary if Parliament is to respect the outcome of the referendum by repealing the European Communities Act 1972. Given the sheer volume and complexity of EU law that currently applies, it will need to be adopted into U.K. law on the day that we leave in order to prevent legal chaos.

I accept that the Government will need relatively wide delegated powers to amend them but there is a distinction between necessary amendments as a consequence of our leaving the EU, many of which will be technical or minor and those which will implement entirely new policies. The delegated powers in the European Union Withdrawal Bill will touch every aspect of our lives and I have made it clear during the debate in the Commons that there must be a commitment to listen and respond to concerns. You can view my contribution here:

Together with other Conservative MPs, including four other Select Committee Chairs, I have added my name to a number of amendments that would address those concerns. These include limiting the so-called Henry VIII powers to amend primary legislation through delegated powers and to support reform of the procedures for handling delegated legislation so that Parliament rather than Government is able to decide on the level of scrutiny that is appropriate. I have also supported amendments on setting a single exit date and giving Parliament a final say on the agreement. I also feel that the Charter of Fundamental Rights should be restored to the bill and have added my name to an amendment that would achieve this.

Without these amendments to the way we handle secondary legislation, we will not be able to 'bring back control' over our laws to Parliament.

Without reform, secondary legislation will remain, as now, little more than an expensive rubber stamping exercise with little or no meaningful scrutiny. That would be unacceptable given that there could be an estimated 800-1000 of these Statutory Instruments over the coming years.

The bill will return to Parliament in around four weeks for these important issues and amendments to be further debated by the whole House of Commons. Amendments will have to be made if the bill is to pass its final stages.

Thank you for getting in touch and you may also like to look at the following link which will allow you to track the bill's passage through the commons and lords and to view the text of the bill, explanatory notes and amendments:

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