Campaigns. It is important that I continue to know the strength of feeling on an issue and I prefer to respond to every inquiry, but the sheer size of campaign correspondence means that it is hard to justify to the tax payer the cost and time taken for individual written replies, so regrettably I will no longer reply to every item of campaign correspondence.  I will  post a response to the campaign on the "Responses to campaigns" page of my website.

I am sorry to do this, as it is rather impersonal, but can see no other way of maintaining a good service for all my constituents unless I approach campaigns this way.

16 NOV 2017

EU Withdrawal Bill

Thank you very much for taking the time to email me.

Unless there are changes, I will be rebelling on the so called Henry the Eighth clauses which govern the way that laws are changed after Brexit. Anyone who voted to take back control for our Parliament didn't do so to give sweeping powers to a tiny group of government ministers. I have long been shocked by the way that secondary legislation is scrutinised in Parliament and we cannot allow the same rubber stamping exercise to apply to vast swathes of changes to our laws without a process of triage. We need to allow the essential but merely technical changes to be fast tracked but anything which requires greater scrutiny must be given the right level of attention by Parliament.

It is my job to be awkward at times and I intend to continue to scrutinise legislation as best I can on behalf of this constituency.

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