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24 SEP 2018

Fracking Debate

Thank you for taking the time to email about the recent fracking debate, you may like to read the Hansard transcript here

Shale gas extraction remains hugely contentious and you can share your views on the principle of granting planning permission for non-hydraulic shale gas exploration development through a permitted development right.

In practice this would mean early exploratory work could proceed without requiring planning applications, although planning applications would still be required for fracking.

We are still overly dependent on fossil fuels and whilst on track to meet our short term legal targets to decarbonise, in the long term we are set to fall short. The five hottest years for global surface temperatures since records began have been since 2010 and evidence for the effect of greenhouse gas emissions in causing this rapidly escalating effect is now overwhelming. It is time in my view to move away from investing in polluting technologies to something that allows a better future for our children than one dominated by the misery of climate change. Freak weather extremes will increasingly become a new but frightening normal.

The consultation will run until the 25th of October and you can find out how to contribute via the following website

In addition, I hope the following information on this topic from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is of interest:

Shale development has the potential to deliver substantial economic benefits to the UK economy and for local communities where supplies are located. The Government remains committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that shale exploration happens safely.

A consultation has been launched to consider whether the early stages of shale exploration should be treated as permitted development, and in particular the circumstances where this might be appropriate. This would allow early exploratory work to proceed without requiring planning applications, although planning applications would still be required for fracking.
Other measures include strengthening community engagement by consulting on the potential to make pre-application consultations a statutory requirement, and launching a new £1.6 million shale support fund over the next two years to build capacity in local authorities dealing with shale applications.
A new Planning Brokerage Service for shale applications will also be created, to provide guidance to developers and local authorities on the planning process in order to speed up decision making. Furthermore, to simplify the complex UK regulatory regime for shale gas, a new Shale Environmental Regulator will also be set up, to act as a single coherent face for the public, mineral planning authorities, and industry.

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