Campaigns. It is important that I continue to know the strength of feeling on an issue and I prefer to respond to every inquiry, but the sheer size of campaign correspondence means that it is hard to justify to the tax payer the cost and time taken for individual written replies, so regrettably I will no longer reply to every item of campaign correspondence.  I will  post a response to the campaign on the "Responses to campaigns" page of my website.

I am sorry to do this, as it is rather impersonal, but can see no other way of maintaining a good service for all my constituents unless I approach campaigns this way.

28 JUN 2017

War on Want

Thank you very much for taking the time to email me about the Queen's Speech.

I understand your concerns on this and hope the following information on this topic from the government is of interest:

This Queen's Speech is about recognising and grasping the opportunities that lie ahead for Britain as we leave the European Union. We need to get Brexit right, delivering the result of last year's referendum in a way that commands maximum public support. To this end, the Government will work to build a stronger economy so we can improve people's living standards and fund public services.
Ministers have said Parliament will have the fullest possible opportunity to scrutinise Brexit legislation - It is absolutely right that MPs debate our future approach to Brexit. On human rights, the UK signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to guarantee human rights long before it joined the EU. Strong workers' rights similarly existed in this country long before the UK became a member of the EU, and the Prime Minister has promised to protect workers' rights in full.
As the Secretary of State for International Trade has made clear, it has never been the UK's approach to enter into agreements that sacrifice the Government's right to regulate public services. Ministers take the UK's environmental obligations very seriously, and the UK will continue to be bound by around 30 international agreements and treaties when it leaves the EU.
Finally, Britain will continue to play an active, leading role in the world, spending 0.7 of cross national income on assistance to developing nations and international emergencies. Britain's aid spending has achieved many successes, of which we can all be proud.

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