1. I don't swear or shout, make offensive or libellous remarks about people and ask that any comments or replies also respect this house rule.

2. I reserve the right to block tweeters or comments that break house rule 1 and likewise to block and/or report spambots, hatebots, trolls and anyone who is offensive or persistently disruptive.

3. I reserve the right on occasions to block tweeters who persistently use my time line to host their own negative opinions. Blocking other tweeters does not constitute censorship as everyone is free to post whatever they wish on their own time line.

4. Retweets are for info only and don't imply agreement or disagreement unless specifically stated.

5. I plan to use twitter to keep anyone interested up to date with what I'm doing in Parliament and in Devon but don't plan to tweet obsessively so it won't be a complete list.

6. I welcome feedback on what you would like me to tweet about or what I'm doing as an MP.