15 JUL 2017

Ways With Words

Today at Ways With Words I interviewed Harriet Harman QC, the longest serving female MP, on the challenges of campaigning while coping with small children, her battle to increase the number of women into a Parliamentary culture that makes no concessions to family life.

14 JUL 2017

Dartmouth Visitor Centre

Dartmouth Visitor Centre is well worth a visit, as you will also find the oldest working model of the first atmospheric steam engine – invented here in Dartmouth by local man, Thomas Newcomen c 1712.

14 JUL 2017

Dartmouth Caring

Thank you to everyone at Dartmouth Caring for all the work they do to help the local community

14 JUL 2017

Dartmouth Academy

This morning I caught up Dartmouth Academy Principal, Tina Graham, to hear about the achievements of pupils and the whole team

30 JUN 2017

Totnes Memory Cafe

I met with some of the attendees and volunteers to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Totnes Memory Cafe and to hear of that it offers to attendees with short term memory loss, and those who are diagnosed with dementia together with their carers.

30 JUN 2017

Advice Surgery

Another busy Advice Surgery. If you would like to meet to discuss your concerns please telephone 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

25 JUN 2017

Torbay Half Marathon

My first half marathon! Thank you to everyone who supported my fund raising for Rowcroft Hospice. I managed to finish before the roads opened up again. Thank you also to all the marshalls for their support along the way.

23 JUN 2017

Follaton Oak

I was delighted to attend the completion of the Follaton Oak development. Affordable homes are such a key issue in this constituency with has high house prices relative to average wages and it is great to see such a well thought out development providing affordable homes for the local community.

23 JUN 2017

Totnes Advice Surgery

The first Advice Surgery of the new Parliament. Thank you to everyone who attended. If you wish to meet with me to discuss your concerns on local, national or personal issues please email nina.smith@parliament.uk or telephone 01803 868378 to make an appointment

21 APR 2017

Torbay End Street Homelessness Campaign

Thank you to Mark, Tara and John for taking the time to meet with me today to discuss The Torbay End Street Homelessness Campaign's 'Connections week' which runs the week beginning April 24th 2017, where volunteers from the community will go out and survey people sleeping on the streets. They will be trained and supported by experienced staff. The information that is gathered will help to prioritise who is housed first and to better understand what people need to help them move into, and sustain a home.

Alongside this they will be working hard to source accommodation for people to move into and recruiting a Volunteer Co-ordinator, who will support volunteers to visit people as they move into their new homes.

The Council are committed to the campaign, as are many agencies such as Shekinah, Westward Housing, the Street Pastors, Friends of Factory Row, the Police, and many others.

31 MAR 2017

Neighbourhood Planning

Thank you to Cllr Jacqui Hodgson, Anna Lunk and Kate Wilson for meeting with me today to discuss housing and the Neighbourhood Plans

31 MAR 2017

Community Housing Fund

Thank you to Cllr Simon Wright and David Parkes, Development Specialist at SHDC for taking the time to meet with me today to discuss community housing.

24 MAR 2017

Devon's Acute Services Review

Thank you Jo for facilitating such a wide ranging discussion on acute and maternity services, the Sustainability and Transformation Plan, funding & workforce in Paignton

17 MAR 2017

Totnes Advice Surgery

Thank you to everyone who attended the busy Advice Surgery today. If you would like to meet with me to discuss local, national or personal concerns, please contact 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament to make an appointment

10 MAR 2017


Thank you to SageTech Medical Innovations Ltd in Brixham for a fascinating visit to discuss innovation and the Health Select Committee's Inquiry into Brexit

10 MAR 2017

Brixham Open Meeting

This evening I met with constituents at an open meeting held at Brixham Theatre. Thank you to all who attended, where we discussed a wide range of topics. I hold open meetings in various parts of the constituency; to learn when my next meeting takes place do phone my office on 01803 868378

10 MAR 2017

Brixham Advice Surgery

This afternoon I held another Advice Surgery, but this time in Brixham. For an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have, please phone 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

10 MAR 2017


It was wonderful to be at LandWorks today, this is a really special place that provides a supported route back into employment and the community for those in prison or at risk of going to prison.

10 MAR 2017

Totnes Advice Surgery

Thank you to everyone who came to see me this morning at my Advice Surgery. If you would like to meet to discuss local, national or personal concerns please contact my office on 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

09 MAR 2017

Acute Services Review

The NHS in Devon is working on a five-year plan for health and care services, known as the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). I visited Kingsbridge today to attend one of a series of events where the NHS heard views on the NHS Acute Services. More of these events are being held in the County and more information about further meetings can be found via the following link

03 MAR 2017

Saltstone Caring

I enjoyed catching up today with the volunteers and supporters of Saltstone Caring. Thank you to Elizabeth and the team for all you do to promote the independence, physical and mental well-being of older, isolated or vulnerable people living in Kingsbridge, Salcombe and the surrounding area.

03 MAR 2017

Colin Drummond

I met today with Colin Drummond OBE, the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Plymouth, an important provider of medical, dental and nursing training. We discussed university research and pupil aspiration.

24 FEB 2017

HM Coroner

I was pleased to meet with Ian Arrow, HM Coroner to discuss improving support for those using the coroner's system and how we improve the consistency for recording suicides around the country. It is currently difficult to assess the most effective ways of reducing suicide, because of the inconsistencies in the way this is recorded.

16 FEB 2017

Advice Surgeries

Today, I held two Advice Surgeries at Totnes, where a wide range of issues were discussed. If you wish to meet with me, please either telephone 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

14 FEB 2017

Joint Debt Surgery with the CAB


A big thank you to South Hams CAB, Totnes Credit Union, and Torbay CAB for sharing your expertise today at our joint surgery.

14 FEB 2017

Healthwatch Torbay

Today I met with Kevin & Pat from Healthwatch Torbay to discuss health & social care across the Bay.

11 FEB 2017

Lifeworks Kool Club

Thank you Lifeworks Kool Club for inviting me to Rushbrook Totnes today. It was great talking with everyone, and I loved seeing all the new artwork!

10 FEB 2017

Kingsbridge Advice Surgery

Another surgery, this time at Quay House in Kingsbridge. If you would like an appointment to meet with me to discuss, local, national or personal concerns, please telephone 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk.

10 FEB 2017

Kingsbridge College

Thank you to Kingsbridge College for inviting me to meet with pupils today, where we covered a myriad of topics. It was lovely to catch up Youth Parliament candidate Safiya to discuss politics and current affairs.

09 FEB 2017

Torbay and South Devon NHS

I met with Liz Davenport at Torbay Hospital today. As Chief Operating Officer, Liz is responsible for the delivery of health and social care through the Torbay and South Devon NHS.

03 FEB 2017

Totnes Advice Surgery

Today another busy constituency surgery in Totnes. In order to make an appointment please call my office on 01803 868 378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

27 JAN 2017


This afternoon at the Grove School Totnes, I met with Matthew Shanks, Chair of DASH (Devon Association of Secondary Heads) to discuss education in the Totnes constituency. We talked about the recent government consultation around the schools national funding formula and about how this will particularly affect schools in the constituency.

27 JAN 2017

Froward Point

It was a pleasure to visit Froward Point today, one of the National Coastwatch stations, to officially open the improved Visitor Centre and see all the other recent developments at the lookout.

As with other NCI stations, Froward Point is manned by unpaid volunteers who maintain a watch for emergencies at sea and act as a contact point for emergencies on shore.

The station is totally dependent on the generosity of individuals, companies, and other organisations for funding.

20 JAN 2017

Advice Surgery

Today was another busy advice surgery in Totnes. If you would like to arrange an appointment to meet with me to discuss matters of local, national or personal concern, please do ring 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

20 JAN 2017

Humpty Dumpty Nursery

Today I visited the Humpty Dumpty Nursery at Dartington where I had an opportunity to taste for myself their brand new lunch menu where they aim to promote healthy eating.

19 JAN 2017

BBC Spotlight NHS

This evening, I appeared on BBC Spotlight to discuss the pressure facing our NHS in the South West. I spoke alongside Councillor Claire Wright, Chief Exec of Royal Cornwall Hospital Kathy Byrne, and the Chief Executive of the Success Regime, Angela Pedder.

19 JAN 2017

BBC Radio Devon

Today I went to Plymouth to take part in a discussion on winter pressures in the NHS on BBC Radio Devon with David Halpin, Cathy Gardner and David Jenner. We discussed a variety of important health issues, including NHS management, Virgin Care, and administration costs in the NHS.

06 JAN 2017

Devon County Council

I met with Richard Westlake, Devon County Council's Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and his team to discuss health and social care in Devon.

06 JAN 2017

Torbay Council

I really welcomed the opportunity to catch up with the Mayor of Torbay and the Executive Committee and other councillors to discuss health and social care in Torbay

09 DEC 2016

Advice Surgery

Today the Advice Surgery was held at my Totnes Office, if you would like an appointment to meet with me to discuss, local, national or personal concerns, please telephone 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk

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