19 OCT 2012

ATOS Meeting

I have received many letters and met in person with a number of people who are concerned about the way that ATOS handles examinations during the work capability assessment. These are issues I regularly raise with colleagues in order to make sure that the examinations are conducted with dignity and respect with as few people as possible needing to appeal inappropriate decisions.

I was pleased therefore to be able to arrange a meeting between ATOS and people concerned about the future move to Personal Independence Payments PIP, from DLA. Clearly is is vital that ATOS understand those concerns. Some constituents wished to have those concerns raised anonymously. We met with Nick Barry, the PIP general manager and Dr Phil Seth from the ATOS transition team at the CAB offices at Follaton House.

PIP will be introduced for new claimants from June next year and those currently claiming DLA will have their claims reviewed from October 2013 onwards once the initial assessments have been reviewed to see if any changes need to be made.

I am grateful to CAB and Cool Recovery for attending the meeting and offering ongoing feedback as we must make sure that ATOS get this right and stress can be minimised for those having their claims assessed. I am always interested to hear of your own experiences if you have been assessed for out of work benefits.

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