27 SEP 2011

Bogan House

I visited the Devonshire Collection of Period Costume, at Bogan House, to view their current exhibition, which shows the impact of developments in new materials on dress over the years. I was briefed on the exciting plans for next year's exhibition, which will reflect the fact that 2012 is Olympic Year by Chairman of the Trustees, Justine Holmes.

The Collection had been able to greatly increase its attraction, over the last few years, thanks largely to the generosity of former Trustees, Priscilla Mitchell and Peter Clapham, who had provided substantial bequests. The Museum is, however, still very dependent upon the goodwill of its organisation of Friends and relies heavily on them to enable it to be constantly on the look out for ways of increasing the scope of the Collection and presenting it to the public.

It was a real pleasure to meet Julia Fox, the Collection's Honorary Curator and the team of volunteers at Totnes museum of costume at Bogan House. This remarkable collection is well worth a visit. My personal favourite was the mauveine dress, dyed in the revolutionary new colour said to "lure on foolish batchelors to sudden proposals".

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