26 NOV 2010

Britannia Royal Naval College

Britannia has been delivering 'courageous leaders with the spirit to fight and win', since 1863. The importance of Britannia to the Royal Navy and to Dartmouth cannot be underestimated. OF course it is an enormous relief that the college did not suffer under the Strategic Defence and Security Review but that should not be a cause for complacency. It will be vital for the college to maximise its training opportunities. Currently Britannia welcomes trainee officers from 20 nations but there is capacity to broaden the scope to include Initial Naval Training to other naval recruits and to further partnerships with local colleges and the University of Plymouth.

To secure a long term future for Britannia as a training base, we will need to allow it to expand. Whilst recognising the architectural importance of the Naval College, the site must be allowed to develop in order for it to increase its capacity for training.

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