04 FEB 2011

Community Groups Working In Partnership With Torbay

Many thanks to Caroline Taylor, Deputy Chief Executive of Torbay Council and to Mark Richards, project manager for arranging visits to so many community groups working in partnership with Torbay:

DASS, (Domestic Abuse Support Service) and MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference)

Many thanks to those who took the time to talk about how the local support service has helped them to break free from abusive relationships and gain the confidence to move forward with their lives. It was encouraging to hear so many women saying that they would not change the service, only make sure that more people get to hear about it.

If you need to talk to someone or know someone who needs help, then call 01803 217614 to speak to the domestic abuse support service locally or National Women's Aid 24 hour helpline on 0808 2000 247

Jatis Project and Inside Out

Jatis House

These successful projects in Torbay are helping those battling with addiction or other issues to get back on their feet through safe housing and support. Meeting those that use their services it is clear how much they are valued. It is very hard to break the cycle of offending or drug use without a safe place to live and support to change long standing addictions. As a result offenders are less likely to reoffend and more likely to successfully come off drugs and many residents are able to return to voluntary work or employment.

SPOT and Quest

These are projects that enable those who use services in the Bay to train others to do their jobs more effectively. In order to be able to have a say in the future of how our health services are to be commissioned and run in the future, it will be especially important for those that use these services to be able to have the ability to take part in Healthwatch and Local Authorities.

Alcohol Services in Torbay

It was good to meet with all the groups who are working to deal with the problem of alcohol misuse in Torbay. Safer Nights Torbay, the Licensing team and the police as well as those involved in treatment for those with problem drinking. Torbay has a good record in trying to tackle alcohol related ill health and disorder from all angles but it is clear that action to stop the sale of ultra cheap alcohol is urgently needed.

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