09 FEB 2012

Dartmouth Academy

I visited Dartmouth Academy today and I was impressed with the quality of art work. It is clear that the school is valuing its strong arts background whilst now pulling out all the stops to improve core academic achievements. Nicola Perrott, Director of Creative Learning writes,

"Art and Design training at Dartmouth Academy is a broad based education encompassing critical thought, creative endeavour, skills mastery and personal investment. We have long achieved outstanding results not only in Art & Design but also in Photography and Textile Design at GCSE and A Level standard. Schemes of learning encourage and support a broad cross curricular experience where students explore the intersection of subject areas that are apparently diverse. The experience allows students to break down barriers to learning and bring strengths and knowledge from one discipline into another, thus making coherent links between various modes and styles of learning. Recent collaborations have seen a multi media interactive exhibition on World War 2 bringing together Art & Design, Photography, English, History and Media Studies. Other collaborations have included visual maths journals, animated algebra and a great scheme of learning for year 8 based on Shakespeare's Tempest, which the students are studying in English. Rather than maintaining high standards we are constantly seeking ways for further improvement and development of our learners."

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