24 AUG 2010

Devon & Cornwall Environment Agency

It was good to meet with Martin Weiler, the Area Manager, particularly as I have a great deal of correspondence on the subject of South West Water bills, stemmed in large parts from the imposition of higher standards for our beaches in 2015. These standards are due to rise again and the thorny issue of combined sewer overflows will need to be addressed. A bathing water pilot has given "real time" public information at three beaches, so that people can see for themselves where overflows have led to problems. If you are aware of any problems with raw sewage being discharged into the environment, you can call the Environment Agency Hotline no. 0800 80 70 60.

The Environment Agency should be congratulated on the work that was carried out in Harbertonford, which has not flooded since the new flood defences were built.

It was also an opportunity to hear about the £1 million, Totnes Hydro-electric Power Plant at Totnes Weir which should produce up to 1.2 gigawatts from a 4.4 diameter installation if they are able to get the go-ahead.


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