28 NOV 2011

Devon Rape Crisis Centre

Today I spoke as Patron, at the launch of Devon's first Rape Crisis Centre. Devon has long been recognised as one of the areas of the Country with the worst access to support for victims of sexual violence and as a former police surgeon and GP I am proud that the Conservatives have honoured our manifesto commitment to improve this service. Thanks to three years of secure funding this will include education and prevention as well as a confidential telephone helpline and face-to-face support. There will also be support for partners, friends or relatives. I am sure that this new service will help those who have been victims of sexual violence and are struggling to move on from these deeply traumatic crimes. The new service will begin by running the helpline (01392 204174) on Mondays from 3pm to 6pm, Fridays from 2pm to 5pm and Saturdays from 11am and 2pm. The hours will increase to 20 a week once the next team of volunteers have finished training. The website is www.devonrapecrisis.org.uk

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