04 JAN 2011

Froward Point

I really enjoyed my visit to Froward Point where trained and qualified volunteer watch keepers share daylight watches operating every day of the year. Through close cooperation with the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), NCI at Froward Point earned its "Declared Facility Status" in 2007, enabling them to become an integral part of the National Search and Rescue structure. They also keep a watch in case any walker using the coastal path should be involved in an emergency. During the Easter recess I am planning a charity walk along the coastal paths to raise money for several charities associated with the sea and coast, Froward Point being one of them as the Station is totally dependent on the generosity of individuals, companies, and other organisations for funding. I will keep you informed of my itinerary if anyone would like to join me on the walk for an hour or so, to help raise funds.

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