27 SEP 2010

Kings Ash Primary School

I met with Headmistress, Tracey Jones, Deputy Head, Lin Fenner and School Governor, Wendy Burridge for another tour of Kings Ash Primary School. It was a great pleasure to meet so many of the children and hear them talk about their work in Science, English, Maths and the Arts.

The School is looking forward to their next Ofsted visit to demonstrate the extraordinary improvements they are achieving within the school. Their take home message to me was that they would like to see a halt to constantly changing curriculums and an end to pointless data collection and undue replication. Like so many of their fellow Primary Schools, they find Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks overly cumbersome and a real barrier to taking on volunteers with waiting times at 8 weeks. The knock on effect of this are plain to see; although the school is making great strides in their efforts to improve attendance, their volunteers for their "walking bus" to school need to wait at least 8 weeks for their CRB checks to be processed

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