04 FEB 2013

Loss of our Fishermen

I know that everyone will be saddened by the recent deaths in terrible conditions off the coast of Torbay. The loss of fisherman Andrew Westaway is another reminder of the risks facing all our fishermen at work in the most dangerous environment. I want to thank all the emergency services and of course those at Brixham Coastguard who coordinated the serach. The Prime Minister praised the work of the emergency services but it is frustrating that we have no reprieve for the coordination role for the Brixham Coastguard.

Sadly these incidents are not rare as several have lost their lives at sea during the past year. I would like to highlight the good work that the Fisherman's Mission do for fishermen and their families. I am glad that Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon was able to meet with John Anderson from the Brixham Fisherman's Mission today to discuss safety at sea and the work of the Mission in our communities.

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