30 JUL 2010

Meeting in Brixham with the Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee at Healey¬’s Pharmacy.

It was good to meet with local pharmacist, Paul Moloney, and Sue Taylor and Mark Stone of the Local Pharmaceutical Committee to discuss how the Health White Paper might impact on Pharmacies in Devon.

Pharmacists are keen to expand their role in the NHS. Pharmacies like Healeys already provide a range of services from contraceptive advice and health screening to advanced advice about medicines and a harm reduction service for drug users.

Many people are unaware of how detailed and lengthy a pharmacist's training is and with their accessibility and close ties with local GPs they are well placed to increase the range of services they can provide to communities.

We looked today at their easy to access Chlamydia Screening service and how this helps to provide confidential access to screening without needing to do any more than walk into a pharmacy and pick up a free testing kit, no appointment needed.

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