24 AUG 2010

Meeting with the Federation of Small Businesses

It was good to catch up with David Haxby, David Shephard, Delia Colegate and Malcolm Colegate of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Only 3% of businesses in the UK employ more than 20 people, so small businesses are vital to the UK economy; nowhere more so than in the South Hams. The keynote messages from the FSB are that we need to get back to retail banking with managers in the High Street with good local knowledge and that we need to take great care not to unnecessarily burden micro businesses with costs that are only manageable in larger settings.

The FSB stressed the importance of broadband, the lack of broadband is restricting growth in the South West. The final message was about improving access for small businesses to public sector contracts, by breaking them down to contracts of more manageable sizes to allow local procurement.


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