18 FEB 2011

Opening of "The Lamb"

It was a great pleasure to attend the opening of "The Lamb" Totnes. Congratulations to Ed Vidler and Sue Holmes of the Totnes Development Trust and to all the volunteers from Totnes Healthy Futures and horticulturists from School Farm. Totnes Healthy Futures project proposes a practical solution to integrating local food production, promoting well being and health, horticulture and re-skilling the community in order to increase food localisation and greater resilience. Totnes Development Trust is working in close partnership with Leatside Surgery, where the medical team will be able to prescribe a therapeutic opportunity through gardening. Yet again Totnes shows what can be done when communities come together to provide opportunities to improve the physical, mental and social well being.


Sarah with Andrew More                                                                           

After the opening of "The Lamb" it was a great pleasure to visit Leechwell Gardens with Sue Holmes and hear about exciting future projects from the Totnes Development Trust.

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