18 JUN 2010


On Friday I met with the Town Council, many stakeholders and concerned members of the public at Batson Creek to discuss their concern at the decision by South Hams District Council to invest £160,000 in a boat hoist.

Whilst SHDC are understandably concerned by the possible risks posed by the existing boat crane operating in a public car park, the current operators argue that they have passed all safety checks.

It is a real problem that with our current compensation culture, the owners of a car park can find themselves liable for injury to people who put themselves at risk by climbing on cranes even though it is patently their own actions and stupidity that will have caused the injury in the first place.

It is a shame that such concerns have led to this situation and I hope that SHDC will delay their decision to allow further consultation with Winters, the current operators to see if a compromise regarding liability can be reached. There have been no recorded injuries from the existing crane and many of those I met at the Creek Car Park argued that the £160,000 would be better invested in other local projects.


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