08 OCT 2010

South Devon Link Road

This was an opportunity to discuss the importance of the South Devon Link Road with transport Minister Norman Baker and to present a further joint briefing on the subject with Anne Marie Morris MP and Mayor, Nick Bye. It was also an opportunity to discuss all the wider transport issues facing the Peninsula, especially the vital importance of the railway link and the vulnerability of the line at Dawlish, together with the importance of faster trains to London.





Over a cycle to the station we discussed the importance of safe cycling routes in promoting increased cycling; there is no point creating a route that no one will use. It was reassuring to know that bikeability will continue to be able to provide high quality cycle training for children and adults in Devon. At the ‘Cycle Demonstration Town' presentation, Exeter was able to show what can be achieved if there is a determination to prioritise cycling and provide good quality facilities for storage.


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