01 JUL 2011

South Hams Housing

Today I met with Paul Eells the South Hams District Council's Advice Manager and Darren Cole, Head of ICT Customer Services to discuss the ever present problem of housing in the South Hams. We talked at length about Devon Home Choice and their website.

I am including some useful links to South Hams District Council's Housing website




http://www.southhams.gov.uk/ksp_housing.htm         (Main housing page)

http://www.southhams.gov.uk/index/residents_index/ksp_housing/ksp_housingadvice.htm  (Housing advice page)

http://www.southhams.gov.uk/ben-homepage.htm  (Housing benefits main page)

http://www.southhams.gov.uk/index/residents_index/ben-homepage/wbc-sp11.htm  (Benefits calculator)

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