26 JUN 2015

The Daisy Garland

I met today with the inspirational charity,

The Daisy Garland, started by Sara and David Garland in memory of their daughter Daisy who died in her sleep at the age of 6 from SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients). The Daisy Garland work tirelessly, offering help and support some of the 18,000 children in the UK who suffer from drug resistant epilepsy.

In the last 11 years they have funded 13 specialist Daisy Garland ketogenic dietitians to work within NHS hospitals countrywide, successfully treating children with difficult to control epilepsy. Each full-time dietitian costs c.£46,000 p.a. to fund.

In the addition to the above they also provide grants for night-time breathing (SATs/epilepsy) monitors for use in the home, reducing the risk of SUDEP. Each SATs monitor retails at £880 and they have provided over 243 monitors, keeping children safe at night while they sleep.

For further information about The Daisy Garland and the important work they do for children with drug resistant epilepsy, please contact Sara Garland on 01803 847999 or via email thedaisygarland@btinternet.com

There is a simple way to support this charity without it costing you an extra penny, simply use their website to shop on Amazon as they will earn a commission on your purchase; just visit their website www.thedaisygarland.org.uk for more details of this wonderful charity.

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