22 SEP 2010


I met with Alastair Campbell, Director of TOR2 to put some tough questions to him regarding Torbay's new recycling scheme. I should stress at the outset, that I do support the need to increase recycling in the Bay.

Torbay currently recycles 37% and if that can be increased to at least 50% by 2012, that can only be a good thing. Alastair explained that a similar scheme in South Wales led to a massive improvement in recycling over a 10 week period and halved the amount that had to go to landfill.

The main issues of people in Brixham and Paignton have been around the inflexibility of the current regime, particularly where people are short of space and have serious problems getting through to the Call Centre. Alastair explained to me that it normally takes 4 cycles of rubbish collections (8 weeks) for teething troubles to be ironed out. He has assured me that consultations will take place to look at solutions where space is at a premium, such as in flats and terraced houses. If you are having difficulties with lifting waste, TOR2 are keen to hear from you.

The following is a link to their website www.tor2.co.uk. They can be emailed on wastedoctors@tor2.co.uk or in writing to TOR2 Customer Centre, Aspen Way, Yalberton Industrial Estate, Paignton, TQ4 7QR. The Call Centre telephone number is 01803 207900. If you have trouble resolving an issue with TOR2 please let me know.

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