12 NOV 2010

Torbay Care Trust

I held a further meeting with Anthony Farnsworth and Julie Dent from the Torbay Care Trust. Torbay is part of a national pilot looking at how to improve the way that care is delivered to our most vulnerable residents. They have been part of an innovative scheme where the health service and social care budgets are 'pooled' and staff work closely together with shared offices and a joint health and social care record.

As a result of this close working, the services are not in competition but can make sure that they design a better way of helping patients. The results of this pilot have been very impressive. In Torbay it is possible to have access to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, district nurse or social worker within three and a half hours if this is urgently needed. As a result, patients are far less likely to be delayed in hospital waiting for home care facilities or to be admitted as an emergency.

I am very keen to hear your views of the services delivered by the Torbay Care Trust, so please write or email me if you would like to let me know your own experience.

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