21 APR 2017

Torbay End Street Homelessness Campaign

Thank you to Mark, Tara and John for taking the time to meet with me today to discuss The Torbay End Street Homelessness Campaign's 'Connections week' which runs the week beginning April 24th 2017, where volunteers from the community will go out and survey people sleeping on the streets. They will be trained and supported by experienced staff. The information that is gathered will help to prioritise who is housed first and to better understand what people need to help them move into, and sustain a home.

Alongside this they will be working hard to source accommodation for people to move into and recruiting a Volunteer Co-ordinator, who will support volunteers to visit people as they move into their new homes.

The Council are committed to the campaign, as are many agencies such as Shekinah, Westward Housing, the Street Pastors, Friends of Factory Row, the Police, and many others.

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