16 NOV 2012

Totnes Homeless

Today there was a meeting at Follaton House to discuss what can be done to help the 17 people who face sleeping rough as the weather deteriorates. In the past year three of the Totnes' homeless community have died.

Totnes is a very generous town and I am proud to represent a community that will not ignore those in need. However, for people's kindness to be most effective it would be a great help if donations could go directly to those helping the homeless to turn their lives around.

I truly believe that the best way to achieve these aims is not to give to the person on the street. It has been the case, that in the past, this has indirectly contributed to individuals not wanting to take up accommodation offered in neighbouring communities. I would ask instead that you direct your generosity towards the Revival Life Ministries who do everything they can to help the homeless in Totnes. Revival Life Ministries is based on the Industrial Estate at 15-20 Burke Road, Totnes,TQ9 5XL or if you are unable to visit their headquarters, donations for the homeless can be dropped into my Constituency Office at Station Road, Totnes, TQ9 5HW and I will ensure they are passed directly to Revival Life Ministries.

Our homeless community need our understanding and support and that includes provision of services to help in the right place, not located many miles away in Newton Abbot. I will be doing what I can over the coming months to campaign for a drug and alcohol outreach team in Town and I'm interested to hear from anyone who uses the service and would like to comment on their own experience.

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