23 JAN 2015

Totnes Surgery

Today I met Paul Wragg at my Advice Surgery. Paul suffers from Sjogrens syndrome and he wrote the following piece for my website:-

I want others to know how hard it is to live with Sjogrens Syndrome day by day, hour by hour. Sjorgens is rare effecting only 3-4% of people in the UK and it is more common in the female population than the males. This debilitating disease is not picky about its victims. Sjogrens Syndrome is a Chronic Autoimmune Disease where the bodies white blood cells attack the moisture producing glands throughout the body, causing them to dry out these can be the saliva glands and the tear ducts as well as the lungs causing very dry mouth, eyes and lungs along with other parts of the body.

Symptoms range from extreme fatigue, joint pain, enlarged glands, muscle pain, irritation of the nerves in the arms, hands, legs and feet, Thyroid abnormalities, skin rashes, memory loss and confusion, numbness and tingling, gastrointestinal problems inflammation of body organs, along with increased risk of cancer in the lymphatic tissue's.

Education about Sjogrens Syndrome not only helps those effected but helps those around them understand what Sjogrens Syndrome patients are going through. Please help me in my mission to shine a light on Sjogrens Syndrome and raise awareness. If you would like to contact me to talk or if you have Sjogrens Syndrome and feel alone in suffering please email me at: Lfcmad64@hotmail.com

Here are a few links to websites with more information about Sjogrens Syndrome.




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