27 NOV 2010

Totnes Surgery

I held an all day surgery in Totnes. If you would like to make an appointment to attend a surgery, please contact Nina Smith on 01803 868378. At one of my surgeries, Simon came to see me as he had been fighting deportation after having lived in England for a total of 13 years and had been part of the Totnes community for 10 of those years. His friends in Totnes brought the case to my attention and eventually in September he was granted indefinite leave to remain. This is just one of many types of problems that are brought to me at my surgeries; I deal with subjects ranging from asylum through to zimmer frames. My post bag and surgeries cover many diverse problems and issues.

I am not always as successful as people would wish, as sometimes people's expectations are wrongly addressed. Planning for instance is dealt with by local government and your local councillors are your best point of contact, you will find the conservative councillors' details on my website under "Contact us"

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