03 JUL 2010

Vegan Supper in Moreleigh

I was invited to meet with a group of national and local animal rights campaigners over a vegan supper in Moreleigh.

There were many areas of common ground and I am keen to promote a variety of animal welfare issues in association with the RSPCA. There were areas where we agreed to differ, most notably around the issue of whether we should allow a cull of diseased badgers, but we have made arrangements to keep in contact to maintain a dialogue over areas where we can work together in the interests of animal welfare.

I also had the opportunity to explain my position over the issue of hunting with hounds. I am not personally in favour of repealing the ban, but I have always committed to asking the electorate. So far the majority are in favour of maintaining a ban on hunting. If you would like to register your view, please email me but please include your address so that I can ensure that the poll is not biased by repeat voting and that all votes come from those living in the Totnes constituency.


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