17 NOV 2011

Whitecleave Quarry

This was a public meeting at the Royal Seven Stars, Totnes organised by Friends of the Earth to discuss the damaging impact at Buckfastleigh and surrounding areas that could result from incinerator bottom ash, not only are there likely to be age impacts on an important bat habitat but real concerns about heavy metals and other toxins leeching from the ash and finding their way into the Dart. All this on top of up to an extra 200 lorries a day adding to noise pollution. The meeting heard that reducing waste remains a top priority and that Devon County Council should be congratulated for the progress that they have made in this respect. Devon is now top of the league nationally with 55% of all waste being recycled, The meeting also heard from the Devon Alliance for Incineration alternatives who would prefer to see a state of the art materials recovery facility, better use of anaerobic digestion for food waste and gasification and pyrolysis for waste that cannot be recycled this would avoid the 70,000 tons of toxic or highly toxic ash produced per year additionally by incinerators. Concerns were also raised about the use of DFI to fund the incinerator project.

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