21 SEP 2019

Write Now Totnes

Thank you to Wendy and all the team from Totnes Writers Group for putting on the Write Now Totnes event celebrating, encouraging and promoting creative writing for wellbeing.  I really enjoyed joining you to listen to the readings at the Totnes Library.

Thank you to Harula Ladd, who wrote me a 3 minute poem on the theme of "Healing"

"Healing the divide"

When skin splits
Denying its job of keeping life in
The number of stitches
Depends on how deep
The wound goes

But when the split
Goes too deep to stitch
Perhaps it's time
To climb out of the old container
And grow an entirely new body

Rather than leave an open wound
Festering and deepening,
Revelling in its own ability
To cause suffering
And distract those in pain
From taking the necessary action
Needed to move life on.

But stepping out
Of familiar skin
Takes courage
For in stepping out
There are no guarantees
About what we'll find ourselves
Growing into.

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