08 JAN 2019

Pubs Code

Today in the Commons I raised the '72 pints' campaign with pubs minister Kelly Tolhurst on behalf of a constituent who has long been campaigning for fair treatment for pub tenants. I share my constituent's concern that too often breweries and pub companies are not passing on accurate information to pubs about how much beer in the casks they sell is drinkable. The undrinkable sediment in cask beer can be as much as three pints, so a pub buying a 72 pint cask may only be able to sell 69 pints from it. This is unfair to both consumers and publicans.

In the case of tenanted pubs, where rent may be set based on volumes sold, this increase cost pressures because it assumes sales on the basis of the volume of casks rather than the volume that can actually be sold. This is not just a small technical detail, but one that matters at scale because it costs publicans and ultimately customers more.

I am pleased that the Minister has agreed to meet with me and publicans from the constituency to discuss this issue and to find a way forward to tackle a long standing grievance. Pubs are at the heart of our communities and I want to help them remain financially viable.

If this affects your business please do get in touch.

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