25 APR 2018

School Funding: Social Care

Sarah Wollaston Chair, Health and Social Care Committee, Chair, Liaison Committee (Commons)

Does the hon. Gentleman agree that, given that some funding decisions and challenges are very difficult, and given the amount of money that is needed, we should adopt a cross-party approach, looking at all the options, building consensus, explaining the position to the public and ensuring that this arrangement is delivered?

Kelvin Hopkins Labour, Luton North

In fact, the royal commission did cover funding. Over the last 20 years and more, I have spoken to many audiences, and have asked them, "What would you prefer—to have your house taken away from you, or Granny's house taken away, or to pay slightly more tax?" The unanimous view was in favour of a slightly increased level of taxation to pay for long-term care. Everyone is going to get old. I am easily the oldest person in the Chamber. I am not planning to go into long-term care any time soon, but on the other hand I am closer to it than the other Members who are present. However, I will not speak about myself.

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