24 JUN 2019


I recently met with representatives from the disability charity, Sense. One of their ongoing campaigns- 'When I'm gone', focuses on the families of those living with disabilities. Sense estimate that there are 1.7 million disabled adults being cared for by family or friends. It is also true that there are currently 2 million carers in England and Wales who are aged 50-64 and 1.3 million carers aged 60 and over. I know how important it is to families to have plans in place for the future and Sense found that this is also something that disabled adults are seriously concerned about.

81 per cent of disabled adults said that they worried about how they would manage their day-to-day life without the support of family and friends.

I am deeply concerned about the future of social care provision and will continue to do everything I can in Parliament to highlight the importance of this and to call on government to get on with their promise to find a sustainable long term settlement.

We need to provide the peace of mind families need, but also to help make it easier for disabled people with complex needs and their families to have timely arrangements for their future care in place.

To read more about this campaign or to download the very helpful toolkit, please click here.

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