17 JUL 2018

Trade Bill: Transfer Schemes

Sarah Wollaston Chair, Health and Social Care Committee, Chair, Liaison Committee (Commons)

Evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee overwhelmingly showed the importance to patients of our maintaining close regulatory alignment not only here, but across the EU. Does my hon. Friend agree with the Committee that we must do more to publish the contingency planning and the consequences of not maintaining alignment so that the public can see this?

Phillip Lee Conservative, Bracknell

I will be as brief as possible, Mr Speaker.

Yes, I do agree with my hon. Friend's comments. Every month 45 million patient-packs of medicine go to the EU from the UK and 37 million packs move the other way. It is hard to think of a single other product that illustrates so well the importance of frictionless trade.

This amendment supports the Government's intentions as explained in the Prime Minister's Mansion House speech and their White Paper, but we must go further and enshrine them in law because of the very real impact on people's lives, on the NHS's ability to operate, on the industry, and on investment in the UK. That is why I will press this new clause to a vote.

I will also support new clause 18 this evening. Yesterday was the worst experience in politics I have had in eight years, and I am sorry that it has changed the dynamic. I started the week intending to support our Prime Minister in her deal and the White Paper. Yesterday changed that, and that is why I will be supporting other colleagues on these Benches when we come to new clause 18 this evening.

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