A number of people have contacted me about how they can help to support the refugees being welcomed into Britain. Depending on what you can offer, the agency you will need to contact will vary.

Locally The Dartington Hall Trust is already putting together a fantastic offer, talking to local groups and like-minded organisations on how they can work together on a useful and effective response to the refugee crisis and more information can be found on their website.

Donate money

Cash donations are the quickest and most efficient way to get help to refugees.

Refugee Action's Emergency Appeal is raising money to support refugees specifically based in the UK.

The British Red Cross is raising money to support those across Europe who are fleeing the Syria conflict.

Volunteer your time

If you would like to volunteer your time, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations is coordinating volunteering opportunities across the UK.

Donate goods and items

Many charities have been inundated with donations of clothes, books and toys etc and some are no longer accepting donations. The British Red Cross are accepting donations of good quality goods which they will sell to raise money for their European Refugee appeal.

Volunteer a room in your house

Many organisations operate accommodation housing projects to help vulnerable asylum seekers from across the world.

The Red Cross's dedicated phone line has more information about volunteering a room for refugees – 0800 107 8728

NACCOM supports local agencies in finding accommodation for asylum seekers whose applications have been refused.

Volunteer a property that could be used to house refugees

The Council's private sector housing team are the best agency to speak to if you have a property that could be used to house refugees but currently local Councils are still formulating the role they can play in coordinating this process.