28 OCT 2019

The Last Chance to Stop Brexit is Now a General Election on December 9th

Liberal Democrats believe that a People's Vote is the best way forward to stop Brexit. After 19 Labour MPs backed Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill last week and Jeremy Corbyn again refused to back our People's Vote amendment, we have reluctantly had to accept that we do not have the numbers in Parliament to make this happen. Wishful thinking is not going to break the current impasse in or stop the Prime Minister forcing through his bad deal, which will affect us all for generations, on a rushed timetable without proper scrutiny.

This week is likely to be the last chance to stop Brexit and we think that bringing forward a general election date is now the only realistic way to give people a final say before it is too late.

The Bill we are proposing would set the date for a General Election on December 9th, take No-Deal off the table, and prevent Boris Johnson from rushing through his own bad deal and controlling when the next General Election takes place..

There are millions of people across this country who are sick of Brexit, believe that we are better off inside the EU, and they deserve a better choice than two Brexiteers in Johnson and Corbyn.

We are ready to take our pro-European message to the country, where our policy will be that a Liberal Democrat majority government will revoke Article 50 to Stop Brexit. We do not want to trash our economy, put a border down the Irish Sea or sign away environmental and employment protections. Johnson's deal won't "get Brexit done" it will only get it started by kicking off years of further wrangling over our future relationship and trade negotiations in which we will be the junior partner. The only way to stop the division, cost and chaos of this whole miserable saga is to stop Brexit.

While the alternative route of a vote of no confidence would remove Boris Johnson, if an emergency Government could not be formed then it would be Boris Johnson who picked the date of the next election, and he could pick a date after any extension and crash us out with no deal. Boris Johnson has proved we cannot trust him, so we do not think it is right to give him any power to do that.

If Boris Johnson really wants a general election, which he repeatedly says he does, then he should be prepared to put his Tory government's record to the people on December 9th.


Your "last chance to stop Brexit"? I still find it extraordinary that your latest Party's leader Swinson is so brazen about wishing to overturn the result of a democratic referendum approved overwhelmingly by Parliament - the result of which the major Parties undertook to honour, then and prior to the 2017 Election. It's cocking a snook at the people and at democracy. You yourself did so when you turned from Leave to Remain at the time of the referendum, and this year you held up two fingers to those who voted for you, switching first to the little TIG grouping, then nominally to being an independent when TIG proved a flop, and now to the LibDems. Let's see how the voters of Totnes consider the propriety of your actions, when they vote on 12th December.
- Tony Harrison

Agree completely with Tony Harrison.
- Jane Dev

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